By Adam Roy
As an AAI member serving in the Del Norte High School I was able to make an impact by providing out of class tutoring and in class assistance. Out of class, I provided tutoring to students during the school day when they would not have been able to have received help from teachers, helping them stay on top of schoolwork despite either travel logistics or after-school activities such as sports. I also provided targeted help for students who had fallen behind in a class and recognized that they needed help to get organized and complete work. During class time when I was not tutoring students, I assisted in class, being an extra teacher who could help
students with understanding material and stay on task. This benefited students who didn’t understand the material and needed support but were in large classes where the teacher wouldn’t have been able to give individual attention to all students.
As an AAI member serving at High Valley Community Center I was able to make an impact by being a consistently present authority figure. This has been helpful for HVCC because their staff fluctuates frequently. In addition, I am the only male staff member which I feel is important to provide students with a positive male role model they may not have at school or home. Being at HVCC on busy days with low staff has also been important for providing
students with personal attention, whether they are having a bad day or are having behavioral issues that need to be addressed.
Adam Roy served at Del Norte High School and High Valley Community Center. 

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