Schools in the San Luis Valley work hard to do their best with minimal funding in one of the most rural areas of the country. Many of our students come from low-income families and school is their main resource. But resources of time, money, personnel and energy at our schools run thin. Often, students wind up without all the support they need.

Having AAI AmeriCorps members in these schools brings in extra adults to serve students, provide healthy role modeling, offer learning opportunities and inspire students. The presence of AAI AmeriCorps members in these school communities takes some of the burden off of school staff, helps struggling students get up to grade level, enhances activities that the schools can offer, reduces behavioral issues and, ultimately, enhances student success.

Alpine Achievers Initiative currently has 20 AmeriCorps members serving in five rural school districts in the Northern San Luis Valley: Mountain Valley School in Saguache, Moffat School, and Crestone Charter School