By Dani Gronhovd

My service is making an impact in the community that would not be possible by staff or other volunteers. Staff do not have the time to help students one on one during the school day, and many students need that one on one time to fully understand their school work. Volunteers can help with that, but unlike AmeriCorps service members, they are not able to put in the time and build relationships with students that make our service work so effective. I believe the emotional support that I and other AAI members have provided is just as important as the academic support we provide. I have been able to gain kids’ trust and talk with them on a deeper level about problems they have been experiencing, whether they stem from school or home. I provide support and encouragement to them that is more meaningful coming from me because I have built a closer relationship with them that most staff members or volunteers aren’t able to make time for.
Dani Gronhovd served at Monte Vista Middle School and the Boys and Girls Club of Alamosa.

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