by Elijah, Monte Vista High School

The experience that I have had in [Ms. Wilhelms’] class has been fun. It was a new learning experience for me. We had done things that had made the class fun for me. She had taught me things that I hadn’t learned before. It has made me a better reader and a better writer for sure. I had never thought there could be anything so interesting about a good book. It has made me want to read more and discover more out there. It has surely made me a better person when it comes to my education. I want to learn way more and continue to evolve in my education so I could make a better future for myself.  My writing has gotten way better than when I had started off. I’m able to use the right punctuation marks and be able to identify more things when it comes to the story. For her to be able to make me more intelligent I would like to say thank you.

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