By Jenna Steinbach

My experience while serving as an AmeriCorps member through Alpine Achievers Initiative has not been what I had expected but definitely an experience that I will never forget. While serving in Colorado I have met many wonderful people who have become not only my friends but also my service family and I am glad that I will continue to keep in touch with them after AmeriCorps. I have also seen first-hand how my actions impact the world around me; I have watched the students I work with every day grow over the last 9 months not only academically but as people as well. Working in the classroom has been a new experience for me and one that I have learned a lot from. For example, the best feeling in the world is walking into class on a Monday; the class in an uproar of hello’s and shouts of your name, and getting the opportunity to hear about everyone’s weekends. AmeriCorps has helped me learn about myself as well. Service has helped me realize that I want to continue working with individuals with disabilities and that I have a love and curiosity for the outdoors that continues to grow. Service has also taught me a lot about myself in the sense of self-care, and that it is important to take care of myself before I can help others. As my time in AmeriCorps comes to a close, I know that this is an experience I will keep in my back pocket for the future.

Jenna Steinbach served at Mountain Valley School. 

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